Life the Game Online Game


Life is full of surprises and surprises, but it starts out the same for everyone. In the new and very unusual game Life, you can help our character live his small, but such an important life and learn all the delights of each stage of growing up. Like everyone else, our life begins at birth.

First of all, you need to help the baby to be born. To do this, you must get to the very center of the indicator and have time to help the baby to be born before the time runs out. After that, there will come a period when the baby will learn to speak. To do this, you need to have time to click on all the sounds and not miss a single one. When we had already learned to speak, the child managed to grow up and go to school. Now it’s time to gain knowledge. Within a certain amount of time, you must give the correct answers to three math assignments. As soon as you cope with this task, then puberty is on the way. Your hero will start to have hormones and teenage acne will start to appear. You need to take them out before they get big and very painful.

This game will help you go through all the most interesting periods of our life in a short period of time and understand how wonderful life is and how many interesting things lie ahead.