Lost Yeti Online Game


Lost Yeti has sixty levels, with twenty levels assigned to each level pack.

The player is required to move ice blocks in line with the arrows to help guide the yeti to the finish block. Throughout the game, the yeti moves constantly, unless trapped in the span of one ice block. Ice blocks cannot be moved if the yeti or an enemy is in line with the direction the player wants to move the ice blocks in. Popsicles can also be found and collected in each level.

Players have the option of skipping levels when the yeti is killed on the level they most recently unlocked. The first three skips are free, and any subsequent ones cost five popsicles. If the current amount of popsicles obtained is below that of the cost, the player is given the option to buy additional popsicles through in-app purchases.

Each first level of a chapter shows some pictures depicting the game’s story. Subsequent chapters show a continuation of the events that occur from the previous chapter.